FITEQ Level C Referee Course in China

Mis à jour : 28 mai 2020

Since FITEQ organised a teqball competition during the Sanya Corporative Beach Games, Sanya Futsal Association has requested a referee course to be organised. The course was organised by Mr Rambo Xu involve the referees and coaches from Sanya FA in teqball. All participants came from the Sanya FA with a football background so they adapted to the world of teqball quite quickly. The top three referees who performed the best during the course had the chance to officiate during the Sanya Corporative Beach Games.

Date of the course: 2019.11.26-27.

Location: Sanya, China

Organiser: Mr Rambo Xu

Presenter: Mr Norbert Augusztin

Number of participants: 24

Li Ning about the course: "Last November, I worked as the event organizer and translator for FITEQ when they and the Sanya Futsal Association linked up for the first-ever training program of Teqball International Referee in China. The program lasted two days and together we trained 24 Chinese Teqball referees and all of them secured the Level C FITEQ International Referee Certificate. The impact of this program is huge as the first group of Chinese Teqball international referees were born in Sanya, China, ahead of the Sixth Asian Beach Games due to be hosted in Sanya from November 28 to December 6, 2020, where Teqball will be an official sport. There will be several Chinese referees, who passed their FITEQ training last year, carrying on their first-ever international duty at the Games. The grogram itself is a combination of theory and practice, in which all the students can learn the rules in the morning and put it in to practice straight away in the afternoon. I can recall that all the Chinese referees spent those two days with great interests and enthusiasm, and we're very happy when they finally got their certificates. The training program was a historical one in Teqball’s development in China, and we expect the sport will generate loads of attention across Asia when the Asian Beach Games comes to town later this year."

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