First ever FITEQ Level B Referee Course

FITEQ started to officially accredit teqball referees with FITEQ Level C accreditations less than a year before this course and since then, the International Federation kept tracking the performance and improvement of their 1st international level referees.

In a very busy competition period and with having a wider range of FITEQ Level C referees, FITEQ decided to raise the level of their technical officials in the system to the next level. Therefore, FITEQ organised its first FITEQ Level B referee course.

This course was attended by 12 FITEQ Level C referees representing 8 different countries including 3 female participants. During the course of the 3 long and busy days, theoretical and practical sessions have been undertaken by the attendees where they studied teqball in more technical details and were tested by the FITEQ presenters under simulated competition pressure. For the local competition in singles and doubles as well, professional teqball players have been invited and have been asked to play at their bests and to challenge the referees from many different aspects.

The course participants also had individual evaluations and had to take a written test. All of the 12 participants successfully passed the practical and theoretical exams and gained FITEQ Level B referee accreditations.

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